Piedmont Episcopal Church


Our Next Rector

As a small parish in a diverse, rural environment we pray for a leader who will bring a strong faith, a curious and open mind rooted in theology, and a collegial and ecumenical approach to relationships within our parish and in our community. We hope for someone to guide us in strengthening our parish, our spiritual journeys and our service to others.

In addition to calling a rector who seeks to support and mobilize the congregation to move toward our goals, we recognize we are also looking for a pastor who will lead us in our journey, develop personal relationships, and contribute to pastoral care through presence, prayer, and the assurance of God’s love. We are seeking a teacher who will educate us to live into the Baptismal Covenant of the Body of Christ, allowing us to find and follow our own ways to live in Christ. The age of our next rector is not as important as is his/her abilities to relate to and engage with all members of our congregation.

We recognize that our leaders, including our rector, will need to have good organizational skills to allow Piedmont Church to be an efficient and effective Christ-centered community. This includes the ability to keep parish operations running smoothly in a goal-focused manner, establish a healthy decision making process, resolve conflicts, and evaluate congregational life with an eye for the planning for the future. Our new rector will be aware of our administrative needs and will have the skill to attract strong lay leadership and able staff.

Our discernment process found that our congregation is seeking a good listener – someone interested in people and empathetic to their concerns – a crucial leadership skill for troubled times. In our diverse, rural setting this requires a person who is comfortable interacting with people with varying socio-economic and educational backgrounds. This person will also work easily with our active lay volunteers and, with them, encourage new members to participate fully. Our connections with other churches in the Madison community mean that we hope for a rector willing and able to work collegially not only with our vestry, staff, and lay volunteers, but also with others in our faith community.

Our congregation hopes for excellent preaching skills for delivering biblically and intellectually grounded sermons. A homilist who is able to connect scripture to daily life and current events will help support our individual personal journeys and challenge us to live our beliefs.

We seek someone who stands within the historic Christian faith, supporting theology based in Holy Scripture and traditional Book of Common Prayer liturgy, but is also passionate about social justice, and open to change and other points of view. We are open to both male and female candidates, and hope that if the rector has a family they will participate in our congregational life.

The rector we seek to call to Piedmont Episcopal Church will be a shepherd to guide us as we live out our mission to be faithful in knowing Christ and to making Christ known through prayer, liturgy, outreach and Christian community.

It is incumbent upon every parish to be realistic about the circumstances in which it finds itself. Through our parish self-assessment survey, it is evident that the challenges Piedmont faces are temporal and primarily have to do with the logistics of operating a parish in a small rural setting. The decline in attendance over the past several years and corresponding drop in income led to renewed focus on the best allocation of resources and how best to maintain the physical space while remaining focused on the spiritual needs of those around us. With this in mind, we are seeking a part-time rector who will bring robust ideas, enthusiasm and energy that will allow us to bring this role back to full-time status, along with the support and tenacity of the congregation. We hope you will consider this opportunity and challenge, and take the journey with us.